New to magic?  That’s okay!  We have some street magic tricks that are very easy to learn and show your friends and family.  If you have ever wanted to dazzle some people at a party or family gathering, this is the place to be.  Street magic is an exciting hobby or career that can be performed anywhere!  

This is what makes street magic different from other types of magic.  Traditional magicians need big props on stage and often times need to set up before the audience arrives.  However, with street magic, you can perform tricks right outside your home, down the street, at a friends house, wherever you desire!  No big expensive props are needed.  Very little set up time is required for any of these tricks to be exact!  Some of the more advanced tricks may call for a some small props but they are dirt cheap!  

Even if you are an experienced street magician, you can find some valuable information here.  We have access to large amounts of street magician practices.  Some of the books found here are invaluable when looking to become a better street magician.  You will find some small props to take your skills to the next level as well!  We are confident that with the right direction, you could possibly be the next David Blaine!  Why not?  Someone must fill the shoes of the greatest street magician.  

Make it your mission to learn this trade and master it.  Read the books, do your homework, watch videos; whatever you have to do to be great!  Learn street magic secrets from the best street magicians out there.  Practice makes perfect!  It’s time to take this to the next level and get serious!  But most importantly, have fun!  

You can find some great magic tricks for kids HERE.  They are very simple to perform and kids love them!





Great books for anyone

learning street magic!